It's February, and the winds from Siberia have arrived, bringing with it heavy snow fall and sub-zero temperatures.

Back in the day.

This web site contains articles about Chen Village, and studying Tai Chi in China. These articles were written when the author was living and studying in Chen Village, China, in the years 2000-2001, and documenting everything he saw on a small hand held computer. This was before the age of blogs, and before they had internet access in the village. Now there is a lot more information about Chen Village out there, including web sites from most of the major teachers in Chen Village, and there is Facebook and Youtube.

Other than to add a few caveats to point out where some of the practical information is now out of date, the contents of this site has not been updated since it was originally written. This is intentional. This site offers a snapshot on Tai Chi and life in Chen Village at a time just before the explosive growth of Chen Village Tai Chi in the following decades.