Who's Master Chen Xiaoxing?

Holding a posture from the two-sectioned staff practice sequence. 

Master Chen Xiaoxing has lived in Chen Village all his life. He knows everyone in the village, and they all know him. He runs the Tai Chi school in the village, which is next to the elementary school. Master Chen has been teaching Tai Chi since 1976. In 1981 the first Japanese students came to Chen Village. In 1982 the Tai Chi school opened, and since 1983 Master Chen worked full time there. He is considered to be the top master in the village, which is a bit like being the tallest person in a basketball team. Although on occasion he has travelled in China and overseas teaching, he plans to stay in the village to make sure that the next generation gets brought up properly.

He is the youngest son of Chen Zhaoxu, and started learning with him when he was very young. His father died early, and he continued his study with his 'House' uncle, Chen Zhaopei, who himself was a student of his grandfather. When Chen Zhaopei passed away, his uncle Chen Zhaokui taught him. After that, he continued under the guidance of his elder brother Master Chen Xiaowang. He is significantly younger than the other 19th generation Masters, so you get a slightly different and refreshing perspective from him. 

He won gold medals in the Henan Provincial Tournament for Traditional Forms (1979 & 1986), Pushing Hands (1983) and Sword forms (1986).