Who’s Master Chen Xiaowang?

He is commonly recognised as the head of the current (19th) generation of the Chen family. His father, Chen Zhaoxu, was the number one guy of his generation, and his grandfather, Chen Fake, was the number one guy before that. 

A lot of Tai Chi masters consider him to be currently the best example of Tai Chi that exists today regardless of style. Although there are many talented masters in Chen Village, may be Chen Village would not quite have as high a reputation as it has now without him.

As a young child he started learning with his father. After his father died early, he continued his study with an uncle of his extended family, Chen Zhaopei, who himself was a student of his own grandfather, Chen Fake. When Chen Zhaopei passed away, his uncle Chen Zhaokui taught him. He also made a point of visiting all his grandfather's students to learn as much as possible. In his youth he had a reputation for spending every free minute practising Tai Chi. 

His achievements in competitions are as follows:

  • 1980 - Shijiazhuangheavy weight champion - National Pushing Hands Competition
  • 1981 - Taiyuan - champion (golden medal) - National Pushing Hands Competition
  • May 1982 - Xi'an - champion (golden medal) - National Pushing Hands Competition
  • September 1982 - Zhengzhou - First Place - Provincial Pushing Hands Competition
  • October 1982 - Xinxiang - First place in heavy weight category - Provincial Pushing Hands Competition
  • 1983 - Shenyang - champion (golden medal) - National Pushing Hands Competition

Now, he travels all around the world teaching Tai Chi.